European Beef

Breeds of cattle raised in Ireland

Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus is one of the most famous cattle breeds in the world. The animals have a short stature but finish to excellent beef carcasses at younger ages. They have excellent adaptability to grazing and they also have good fertility and longevity. They produce high quality tender and tasty meat with a high fat content.


Sturdy, energetic and tough rustic animals. It yields a high amount of lean meat at a young age. For this reason, it has an essential role in crossbreeding for the production of high quality grass based beef. The newborn calves are small but grow quickly to reach optimum carcass grades. The meat quality is excellent with a fine grain and no coarse fibres.


The coat is an intense red colour with a white head. They are a very docile breed and ideally suited to Ireland’s grazing farms. They are a very suitable breed for pasture farming at they fatten quickly and easily and they have good fertility and longeveity. They offer plentiful production of high quality meat with a high fat content.


The coat is a creamy white or off white colour. They are very large animals with excellent development of the muscular masses. Cows nurse their calves after delivery and milk production is sufficient until weaning (6-7 months). They have exceptional adaptability to different breeding conditions. These produce excellent high quality meat.