European Beef

Food Safety & Traceability

The European Union aims to assure the highest level of food safety and animal health through coherent “farm to table” measures and ongoing monitoring.

EU regulation 820/97 establishes a regime of individual traceability of cattle by means of

  • Individual calf tagging with 2 tags.
  • An individual passport to record all farm movements and health history during its lifetime.
  • Reporting of animal movements on the Animal Identification and Movement System (AIM).

In Ireland the Department of Agriculture’s oversee this computer based system for tracking the movement of all cattle from birth to processing in Ireland.

This robust and comprehensive system of identification and traceability allows all beef cuts and products to be traced back to the individual animal, right to the point of birth, giving consumers absolute confidence in the beef and beef products they consume.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland and the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine are two independent bodies that rigorously monitor the implementation of these safety and traceability measures.

EU Beef labelling is designed to be transparent. All beef products, including fresh, frozen or processed meat, sold to consumers must include detailed label information that enables it to be traced back through the production chain to the farm of origin.

This provides the level of assurance that EU consumers expect from their producers.