European Beef

Quality Assurance

European governments are interested in beef quality assurance schemes.
Many programmes have been built and improved continuously in order to increase the safety and quality of European beef in the market. Quality assurance schemes provide an additional level of security above the regulatory norm. In Ireland we operate the Sustainable Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme as part of the industry’s commitment to world class food safety and traceability. 

The vast majority of Irish beef exports come from Ireland’s network of 32,000 quality assured farms.

Ireland has an established reputation as the European leader in food excellence with a food industry committed to standards above those mandated by EU legislation.

The Sustainable Beef & Lamb Assurance Scheme (SBLAS) expresses the country’s commitment to world class safety and traceability measures for beef. The vast majority of Irish beef exports come from Ireland’s network of 32,000 beef farms quality assured by SBLAS. The scheme is accredited to EN45011, providing a further layer of assurance to consumers that they are enjoying the finest grass-fed, pasture farmed beef, safeguarded to 21st century standards.

SBLAS covers beef production in its entirety, from animal management and welfare to food safety (HACCP), transport and product traceability in the abattoirs, cutting halls and manufacturing plants.

SBLAS operates in addition to the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine’s strict regulatory controls, which are based on both EU and Irish legislation, and ensure traceability and labelling measures regarded as among the highest in the world.