European Pork

Pork - the Chefs Choice

Over recent years Irish pig producers have worked closely with their pig advisers, veterinarians & geneticists to upgrade the food pigs eat and improve their breeding and housing.

This has resulted in the production of a leaner high quality pork product that is desired by consumers worldwide. Today lean, nutritious pork is a versatile affordable product sought after by consumers. Pork is an adaptable product that is easy to incorporate into a variety of dishes. Pork can be roasted, grilled & pan-fried or transformed into a variety of value added products.

 It can also be shredded, cubed or stir fried with vegetables & spices. 

Lean, tender and highly nutritious, Irish pork is a delicious and versatile meat perfect for modern and traditional cuisine needs. Pork is the ideal choice for healthy meals that suit busy lifestyles or traditional family gatherings.

Pork is truly a wonderful product. From nose to tail cooking to a simple juicy cutlet it is the clear consumer’s choice thanks to its adaptable nature and it’s subtle flavours. It is not surprising that
pork is often described as the most versatile meat.