European Beef

Grass Fed Beef

Ireland is often referred to as ‘The Emerald Isle’ and for good reason.

A phenomenal mix of perfect atmospheric conditions, proximity to the gulf-stream and unprecedented levels of nutrient-enriched grasslands all combine to create a landscape as perfect for cattle grazing as it is beautiful.

Cattle in Ireland graze outdoors for on average 300 days a year and consume a 95% grass-fed diet.
Ireland is particularly proud of its grazing-based, outdoor beef farms. 

Irish farms are family owned and run, passed proudly from generation to generation, with the craft and love for livestock running through the culture of rural life. It’s an approach that puts the health and welfare of cattle and the sustainability of the green pastures they’re reared on at the heart of farming. The highest standards of quality, traceability and animal welfare are delivered as part of this, making Ireland the natural home to world-class beef, as grass based diets can produce a fuller, meatier flavored beef with evenly distributed fat and marbling.