European Pork

Pig farming in Ireland

Pig farms

In Ireland our pigs are reared in indoor housing systems. Over recent years Irish pig producers have worked..

What makes Irish Pork special

Island status

Since Ireland is an island on the periphery of Europe, this gives Irish pig producers a significant advantage around minimising disease risks.

Lean quality pork

Lean quality pork
The carcase weights in Ireland are consistent at between 80kg
85kg dead weight, which is a substantially lighter weight…

Quality Grain Feed

Ireland’s position on the edge of Europe is very conducive for grain production. The temperate climate combined with rich fertile soil

Welfare Friendly Farms

Citizens of the EU and Ireland care deeply about animal welfare and are concerned about the ethical treatment of animals.

Pork - the Chefs Choice

Over recent years Irish pig producers have worked closely with their pig advisers, veterinarians & geneticists to upgrade the food pigs eat…