Duo of sliced and pulled cured beef brisket ramen.


  • Top Blade Muscle

For the soup.

  • 1 lit clear strong beef stock
  • 60g miso paste
  • 30g mirin
  • 5g soy sauce

Bowl serving ingredients

  • 50g blanched long bean sprouts
  • 20g sliced spring onions
  • 50g blanched baby choy sum
  • 50g blanched shredded zucchini
  • 1 pc 6 min soft boiled egg
  • 30g sliced bamboo shoots
  • 30g small shitake mushrooms
  • 150g cooked ramen noodles

For Garnish

  • Shredded red pepper threads
  • green onion ginger puree
  • Mild red chili sauce.
  • Shichimi powder


Top Blade Muscle


Marinate the brisket for 24 hours in brine, then cut the brisket in half.

2 Slow cook half in smoker for 12 hours, rest and slice for serving.


The remaining cured brisket half, steam for first 2 hours and slow smoke for 14 hours, when still warm shred by hand with 2 forks of through a machine shredder.

For the soup.
Boil together for 10mins.